Top 10 Tech Trends 2018: No.8 Security Revisited

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Another year is rapidly ticking by. Now 2018 is upon us and the age of digital shows no signs of slowing. Technology is driving a generation of change across every industry, profession, and personal point of persuasion.

Now, after extensive research, and several months of gauging the technology market, we publish our Top 10 Tech Trends that will shape 2018.

Here we have Tech Trend No.8: Security Revisited

Here’s why…

Technology is advancing at breakneck speed. Innovations in AI, quantum computing and the IoT are creating a volatile world of digital transformation that is compromising the cybersecurity landscape as we know it. The challenges for today’s information security leaders are considerable, as they try to:

  • Balance risk, resilience, usability and price with foresight
  • Garner enough visibility into what is actually happening
  • Gain more control over what really matters to their organization
  • Tackle the harsh realities of ever changing cybersecurity governance.

To achieve this there are some worrying trends and technologies developing almost too fast for the IT security sector to keep up.

Top 10 Tech Trends 2018: No.8 Security Revisited

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