Top 10 Tech Trends 2018: No.7 Full Spectrum Computing

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Another year is rapidly ticking by. Now 2018 is upon us and the age of digital shows no signs of slowing. Technology is driving a generation of change across every industry, profession, and personal point of persuasion.

Now, after extensive research, and several months of gauging the technology market, we publish our Top 10 Tech Trends that will shape 2018.

Here we have Tech Trend No.7: Full Spectrum Computing

Here’s why…

Digital disruption is shifting corporate thinking across the globe. Leading the charge – and facilitating all this change – is the continued, rapid development of computing. Today computational power is going full spectrum and it’s leading us to a new frontier in enterprise.

  • Early adopters are reviewing their portfolio’s to ensure technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can help them build a competitive advantage.
  • Optimum value IT infrastructure is no longer simply ‘storage in the cloud,’ it is in leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) through High Performance Computing (HPC) to exploit a new world of digital opportunities.
  • Couple AI with the IoT and HPC and you have a paradoxical mix of tech trends that can only truly work if the infrastructure behind them can keep up…
  • Enter quantum computing, cognitive computing and edge computing. Taking innovation to a new frontier for real-world application and service deployment.
  • At this new frontier deep learning and smart machines will become the norm for industries to create unbelievable user experiences, for every type of stakeholder.

Top 10 Tech Trends 2018: No.7 Full Spectrum Computing


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