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Technology has become instrumental for marketers. Today they employ on average 6 different channels in an effort to connect with all their potential customers.

Embracing technology… Empowering people… Delivering positive change

Whats new this week…

1. Knowledge-sharing

Last week we touched on the potential end of Wikipedia. And while they – along with other forms of traditional knowledge-sharing – will continue in some form, online experiences and behaviors are changing so rapidly because of the integrative nature of technological tools. Thus innovation is making knowledge-collection, analysis, sharing and collaboration more efficient outside of the traditional wheelhouse.

“From text and visual-based social media platforms, to video-streaming sites, review sites and podcasts, digital innovation will continue to make knowledge available to us at a moment’s notice.”

Good Read: How Technology Is Turning Knowledge-Sharing Into a Global Currency

For marketers we must embrace this opportunity, by articulating unique, credible and tangible value. The key to doing so comes from using this global currency effectively – by filtering noise vs. insights, offering ROI vs. spin.

It all starts with being transparent!

Which leads us to…

2. Net Neutrality

While net neutrality is a simple concept to understand in principle, regulating it for the good of society, while ensuring freedom of speech, is not.

For governments, ensuring ISPs “do not block, slow, or otherwise discriminate against certain content or applications” is not easy. Which is why taking a look at other nationalities approaches can serve us well.

Good Read: Without net neutrality in Portugal, mobile internet is bundled like a cable package

Network technology must keep pace with the avalanche of tech savvy users, devices and data demands coming online every day. Is a “government run Internet” what we want to see? Or is it wishful thinking to even think we can avoid it, in an era of digital disruption that in so many ways impacts national security?

3. The Digital Divide

As the gap in computer access rapidly closes, we appear to be at a nexus of its use. Highlighted in the fact that “as more poor families get access to technology, their kids’ screen time expands.”

Good Read: Technology Overuse May Be the New Digital Divide

This is a great awareness piece for all those with that slight apprehension their children, themselves or others (at home or work) are getting way too submerged in tech every opportunity they get.

Everything in moderation is my motto.

4. The Search Marketer

Marketing functions are increasingly reliant on technology, and one area of expertise in particular is poised to lead the way when it comes to the future of technology led marketing.

Good Read: 9 reasons why search marketers have been at the cutting edge of marketing technology

Marketing is indeed tech-dependant because of the industry’s obsessive need for results – as the ocean of data gets deeper, user behaviors change almost overnight and online intent is compromised so often.

Because of this, search marketers touch an enormous amount of tactical areas within the marketing mix. Marketing functions should therefore be looking long and hard at how they setup their teams and align with technology partners with these people in mind.

5. Retail MarTech

Considering the strategic alignment of marketing teams in a tech-led era, let’s take a look at a couple of specific industries.

First up retail, and how a specific group of marketing technologies should be top priority in any retailers digital strategy.

Good Read: Marketing technologies essential for future success

The retail industry moves at breakneck speed. A business can become marginalized very quickly if their offer no longer resonates for one of a thousand reasons. As such the right technology base is essential, all the time and it needs to be always on.

6. Automotive MarTech

Super article on how the major automakers are gearing up to take on Google, Tesla and others, as several tech giants aggressively push their way into a very traditional marketplace.

Good Read: How Emerging Marketing Technology Will Impact the Automotive Industry

From Frank Gillett, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research, “when we think of digital transformations of car companies, it’s this real pivot from burning sheet metal and building motorized culture to selling mobility services that understand and help customers get around… Where CMOs are investing right now is with product and designing things into cars.”

Times are changing, competition is fierce, and this all bodes well for the consumer. Just as fintech forced traditional financial organizations to change, autotech is doing the same in the automotive industry.

7. Cloud Computing

“Between technology waves there is always a tipping point. It’s not that moment when the new tech becomes dominant but the moment when that dominance becomes clearly inevitable. For cloud computing it is suggested the tipping point came a month ago.”

Good Read: We’ve reached the cloud computing tipping point

What does the future hold for the cloud? And if the “future is now”, what does the actual future hold?

I’m looking forward to seeing how edge computing and AI in the cloud will revolutionize our marketing efficiencies. Which is tailor made to deliver tangible, timely and transparent benefits.

8. Inspiring Change

Technology is the greatest of enablers, or so it should be.

Here is a perfect example of how deploying technology can be used to reduce poverty.

Good Read: Digital Solutions Can Help Even The Poorest Nations

“Digital policies can help citizens by making interactions with the state easier, cheaper, and less corrupt. They help entire regions by making everyone more productive. Now, it’s likely that most nations – even those with poverty – have smart digitization opportunities waiting to get implemented, where a little money can generate a big push forward.”

9. MarTech

Do you have a MarTech Stack and strategic marketing roadmap? You probably do in some form and it’s likely manifested over time through a mix of inherited tools, opportunistic purchases and well-planned investments.

Oftentimes this is a mishmash of disconnected tools and techniques, strategies and campaigns, “resulting in something that sort of works, but which you often wish you could toss out and start over.”

Well, since that’s the vast majority of us this is some great advice.

Good Read: Your MarTech Investments Should Reflect Your Customer Journey

Our martech stack is like a house that gets additions and renovations over time. As such “building a martech stack is a lot like building a house – it’s a journey that is almost never done!”

Totally agree. It’s all about the customer experience.

10. Sophia

And finally, meet Sophia… an AI robot that has been granted citizenship by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This is the first time a robot has been given such a distinction, and it opens several cans of worms.


Good Read: For the First Time Ever, a Robot Was Granted Citizenship

Never mind “robot rights”. That’s a drop in the ocean compared to what will follow when Sophia gets a partner and they procreate! Time to rip up the rule book.

Until next week.

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