The Death Of Digital, Cloud Trends & Other Tech News This Week

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Technology has become instrumental for marketers. Today they employ on average 6 different channels in an effort to connect with all their potential customers.

Embracing technology… Empowering people… Delivering positive change

Whats new this week…

1. Technology Addiction

Kicking off this week. Dr. Lisa Strohman, examines the science emerging from society’s newest vice: technology… “how technology overuse impacts developing brains, and shares hope in a successful approach that demonstrates how the power of awareness and education can help prevent it.”

An amazing speech!

Technology addiction is a very real and growing problem in the digital age, and it shouldn’t be socially acceptable. We can learn much from this.

Which leads us to a potential new era…

2. Are We Entering The Imagination Age?

Interesting thoughts. Are we entering a new age, the imagination age? “A theoretical period beyond the information age where creativity and imagination will become the primary creators of economic value.”

Good read: How Technology Is Leading Us Into the Imagination Age

I would suggest this to be true, for the simple reason that technology now truly allows our imagination to design and build extensions of ourselves, our wants, our communities, our connections. Only now that technology can finally embrace AI, VR and AR is this imagination era possible.

Which leads us to a very real possibility…

3. The Death Of Digital

Does this ring true for you? “Many of us bought into the fantasy that digital made everything better. We surrendered to this idea, and mistook our dependence for romance, until it was too late.”

Good read: Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over

An interesting take, and while I’m not ‘all in’ on this idea it has definite merit.

Because of our penchant for instant gratification and on-demand everything the digital world – and the technologies it enables – cater for our every want and desire. But as stated above, they cater to new forms of addiction and set our imagination off on paths that we have no idea where they lead.

I believe digital will long remain in our affection, it offers so much to the world in so many positive ways. But we have to harness it better.

Which leads us to one final item on the subject.

4. Bad Tech

As we’ve been saying, “Some now believe tech is like the tobacco industry — corporations that make billions of dollars peddling a destructive addiction… which leaves a trail of human wreckage in its wake.”

How very true. They have created a society that is based on three major ills.

First, technology is destroying the young. Second, the tech industry is purposefully causing addiction purely to make money. And three, most worrying of all, the tech giants are monopolies using their might to invade the private lives of consumers and impose unfair conditions on smaller competitors.

Good read: How Evil Is Tech?

Hopefully there is a culture shift here, and if nothing else all of the above suggests there is a groundswell of recognition that technology led digital transformation needs to do more to address the negativity of it’s own addictions.

5.  Good Tech

OK, so we’ve spent the first half of this weekly roundup bashing technology and all it has done for us in a consumer led, digitally driven era.

So let’s flip this and give a little love to some of the interesting concepts, designs, even products ready to buy that show technology in a positive light, creating tangible value to the world.

Good read: 14 Curious Objects Showing the Creativity of Modern Technology

The consumerization of tech pushes new boundaries every month.

6. Blockchain

“The prospect of blockchain technology remaking financial services just moved a step closer to reality after banks including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. completed a successful six-month test in the $2.8 trillion equity swaps market.”

Good read: Blockchain Gets a Wall Street Win: ‘We Know the Thing Works Now’

This is potentially game changing for privacy, scalability and security – across many industries, not just fintech.

7. Net Neutrality

This past week the FCC moved to eliminate net-neutrality rules, opening the door to preferential deals for some content providers and closing the doors for others.

So, how will this impact the Internet experience? What will it mean to broadband providers? And what are they doing as net neutrality rules change?

Good read: Here’s How The End Of Net Neutrality Will Change The Internet

The long and short of it? This won’t change anything overnight, in fact there will be new rules and new legal challenges throughout 2018, but it’s worth keeping an eye on as the rules of engagement are definitely being rewritten.

8. Computing In Education

As technology manifests and social platforms become omnipresent in our lives, there is a grim reality that computing as a subject learned at school is totally outdated.

Good read: Don’t just teach kids to code – teach them to question Facebook and Google

Today, “67% of primary and secondary school teachers believe they cannot teach coding because of a lack of “skills and teaching tools”, and just under 40% say they do not have access to the right hardware and software.”

Future generations are being taught nothing of relevance in computer literacy. As suggested, we need to “give them the skills to take on the tech giants, and create a more democratic Internet.”

9. Cloud Trends

The clouds are rising.

“Oracle roadshow keynoters count six alternative routes to adopting cloud computing technology, and they note that the best implementations demand a deep understanding of the customer.”

Good read: Cloud computing technology for 2018: Transform or die

Cloud computing is likely to enter a new phase in the coming year. One that will create opportunities because of advancements in AI, edge and quantum computing.

These are major destabilizers of the technology landscape and enterprise will indeed need to transform or die as a result of this new movement in cloud supremacy.

10. Inspiring Women In Tech

I always enjoy seeing stories of culture change in major enterprise work / life balance. So a tip of the hat to Dell.

Empowering staff, whatever their gender, race or position has to be the new model for a tech savvy, modernized workforce. If only to counter all the negativity above – that technology is pure evil, addictive, driven by money mad monopolies that don’t care about us, so long as they make their billions.

Technology in the digital age has come too far for this to be the case. Technology can liberate, energize, mobilize. It can transform lives for the better.

We live in hope.

Until next week.

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