Paid Advertising

Get Immediate Traffic & Targeted Leads

Paid advertising is, without doubt, the best approach to getting highly targeted traffic to your website, in the fastest period of time.

Through Google Adwords or the numerous social media platforms, laser targeted campaigns can be designed to reach the most relevant users you want to attract.

Creative Mindscape works closely with clients across the UK and US, helping them setup, manage and maintain paid advertising campaigns that deliver the best return on investment.

We excel at virtually all of the available Ad platforms, with particular expertise in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing’s AdCenter, LinkedIn, YouTube video Advertising and Twitter Ads and promoted Tweets.

Certified in all of the above, we deliver the results SMEs need to make paid advertising work for them.

Our paid advertising services start at £250 per month up to 20% of Ad spend and include:

  • ‘Best fit’ analysis
  • Campaign analysis
  • Full strategic planning
  • Account setup & management
  • Ad creation & testing
  • Monitoring, feedback & optimisation
  • Goal setting / Conversion tracking

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Creative Mindscape provide the paid search and social media advertising we need across complex markets in competitive times. With daily monitoring and optimisation they provide a fabulous service and stop at nothing to ensure we are always creating the best ROI.Anthony Johnson - TomTom Partnerships

Unsure if paid advertising can work for you, or unhappy with how your current campaigns are performance?

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