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The health and wellness industry - encompassing nutrition, fitness, cosmetics and so much more - is now worth up to £2.8 trillion worldwide and the sector is growing rapidly. By 2022, British consumers are forecast to spend £487 per head annually on “wellness” alone, according to analytics firm GlobalData.

There is no denying this market boom and it's boundless potential. On the same token, competition is brutal. Trying to stay afloat, let alone stand out, in this immense and constantly evolving market is demanding, to say the least.

One of the key elements to success in the health and wellness sector is to create and maintain a powerful digital marketing strategy that shows the power and feel good factor of your 'brand'. Showing the success, enjoyment and peace of mind people get from using your business, products and services.

Digital Marketing Challenges for Health and Wellness Companies

Proving ROI

Brands in the health and wellness sector struggle with determining ROI of their marketing budgets. In many cases, this is due to the lack of a clearly defined marketing plan, which makes it difficult to quantify ROI.

Developing an integrated marketing strategy that underscores the value of a seamless, consistent consumer experience across all a brand’s channels provides consistency and familiarity to the audience. This approach helps amplify a brand’s voice in a seemingly saturated field.

Developing Trust

Recent studies display a significant lack of trust in the health sector, which can translate into a disconnect between health and wellness companies and their target audiences. Content marketing and social proof can be effective tools for developing a reputation as a trusted brand.

When an organisation consistently creates and distributes content as part of an integrated marketing plan to provide education and establish the brand as a thought leader can also demonstrate a base of satisfied clients or customers, the right people are likely to take notice.

Identifying Influencers

Since social proof is a primary component of a successful digital strategy for any company in the health and wellness sector, it makes sense that influencer marketing is also effective. However, discovering and connecting with valuable influencers can be difficult.

Health and wellness influencer marketing often includes unique goals and restrictions. Education, regulation and trust are essential, so selecting influencers carefully is imperative. Focusing on social media influencers who focus on educating followers rather than promoting products is an advisable strategy.

Determining Target Audience and Setting the Right Goals

Tactics for growing social media follower counts and boosting site traffic abound. While these numbers are important, it is even more crucial to not lose sight in the fact that these followers and visitors are also potential customers. Comprehensive company growth requires more than likes and retweets.

An incomplete digital marketing strategy can be costlier overall when your sales team is constantly following up on unlikely leads or worse, there are no leads for them to chase.

When you team up with Creative Mindscape, we will help you identify your target market and create a plan to reach this audience with the right message at the right time. Together, we will establish measurable goals and track the ongoing results of the implemented steps.

Creative Mindscape in The Health and Wellness Sector

Our team works with a variety of companies in the health and wellness sector that run the gamut from small startups to large corporations. Similarly, we provide services on numerous levels, from initiating and growing one marketing channel to administrating every aspect of branding, content development, demand generation and more. Our team has a firm grasp on the distinctive challenges organisations face in the health and wellness market.

Knowing that every specialised field and every brand is unique, we firmly believe in a personalised approach to digital marketing. We always provide a customised digital market plan that is tailored to your company’s needs as well as the results you seek and deserve.


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