Is Your Logo the Right One for You? (Infographic)

Belle Balace / Design Leave a Comment

First impressions are everything – well, at least for your logo.

If you hired a professional to design one for you, how would you even know if the logo design is the perfect one for your brand?

Your logo isn’t simply about your design preference, it’s about what it represents and the story it visually tells.

You might ask your family and friends to choose between two or three logo designs and you’ll probably go for the one with the most votes.

Don’t entirely go down that road. You’ll want to study the logo design hard. In fact, here’s a helpful infographic Visme created that shows the 15 ways you can tell if it’s the right logo for you – or not.

Before you make any big logo decision, ask yourself:

  1. Does my current logo design visually tells a story?
  2. Does it have an impact?
  3. Do colors in my logo work together?
  4. Does it stand out?
  5. Is this the type of logo I’m confident to share in the coming years?

If you think your current logo design doesn’t reflect most of these traits, better to ask your designer to make another one.

Naturally, when talking to your designer, don’t simply tell the design elements like colors, fonts, and icons you want. You should share what your brand is about, the history, and what it believes in, so your designer can have a better grasp and make an effective logo for you.

Logos do the visual storytelling for you, not the other way around. People should feel as if your brand is speaking to them when they see your logo design.

However, if you feel confident that you can design it on your own, go for it. You can actually use logo generator tools like Instant Logo Design to make one in less than an hour or to look for design ideas.