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Technology has become instrumental for marketers. Today they employ on average 6 different channels in an effort to connect with all their potential customers.

Embracing technology… Empowering people… Delivering positive change

Whats new this week…

1. Online Security

“At the headquarters of Cloudflare, in San Francisco, there’s a wall of lava lamps: the Entropy Wall. They’re used to generate random numbers and keep a good bit of the internet secure: here’s how.”

Good Read: The Lava Lamps That Help Keep The Internet Secure


Super interesting and endless possibilities. Is this the future of Internet security – the concept of randomization?

2. Artificial Intelligence

There is a significant shortage of experts in the A.I. field, and it is stifling R&D at a critical juncture in it’s evolution from concept to creation.

A.I. has the potential to transform our use of so many technologies, in so many industries. Which is why Google, Microsoft and others are staunchly focused on research to automate ways of dealing with such a shortage of artificial intelligence experts.

Good Read: Building A.I. That Can Build A.I.

But wait a minute! Aren’t we better off refining and deploying A.I. across industry, using it to enhance strategic thinking, workflow and user experience, before we try and replace the very A.I. enabling us, with a self-learning form of A.I. that makes us redundant?

Why are we trying to run before we can walk? (Because there is a big pot of gold at the end of the A.I. rainbow)

3. Boosting Wireless

Had to laugh at this one.

Researchers at Dartmouth University have found that a 3D printed shape covered in aluminum foil can improve wireless range and increase Wi-Fi security.

Well I never!

Good Read: Researchers discover aluminum foil actually does improve your wireless speed

Who hasn’t, at some point in the past, stuck some aluminum (or as us Brits would say ‘silver foil’) down the back of their router, hoping to achieve warp speed connectivity and zero loss of coverage?

Thanks to research there is method to the madness. Or so it would seem.

4. Cancer Breakthrough

Fascinating breakthrough in the use of technology to “identify various cancers based on breath analysis”.

Good Read: Experimental technology can ‘smell’ disease on your breath

With an 86% accuracy rate based on each disease having a particular chemical signature, the development of such technology for early and hopefully accurate diagnosis is very positive news.

This is where the tech giants and governments should be focusing their intellectual property and multi-billion dollar R&D budgets. Instead of trying to be the leader in the quantum computing arms race.

Speaking of which…

5. All-In-One Computing?

“IBM Research claims to have successfully used one million phase change memory (PCM) devices to run an unsupervised machine learning algorithm.” Which could be good news in the race to leverage A.I and quantum computing within real-world applications.

Good Read: IBM’s New, Cutting Edge Tech Could Make Computers 200 Times Faster

Are we ready for all-in-one computing – a shift that is the first step towards computers truly working like human brains?

6. Future Tech (as predicted in 1900)

“In 1900, German chocolate company Hildebrands produced a series of postcards imagining the wonders of life in the year 2000.”

Good Read: 1900 – Life in the year 2000

From some overly optimistic renderings, to others that hardly seem to have moved on since 1900, it’s safe to say the last century of technological advancement has taken us so much further than was predicted.

7. Technological Unemployment

There are very real concerns that the world will face mounting job losses due to advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics. With automation emerging as “a bigger threat to American jobs than globalization or immigration combined.”

Good Read: Workers Displaced By Automation Should Try A New Job: Caregiver

But the enormous challenges posed by mass technological unemployment will create interesting opportunities in so many walks of life. None more so than the one shared here.

Simply put “you don’t want a robot taking care of your baby; the aged need to be loved, to be listened to, fed, and sung to.”

We will always need tactile relationships based on human instinct, empathy and emotional connections. Look no further than No.10 below to see just how far we have to go before we can even consider such tactile ‘instincts’ within a robot.

8. Digital Transformation Is Evolving

“It’s time to start paying attention.”

Good Read: The Next Great Digital Transformation Is Almost Upon Us and It Will Be Truly Different

I’m a big advocate of this type of thinking. Digital transformation is entering a new phase, one where boundaries are blurring between computational power and human forms of thinking. Leading the charge are the possibilities created by AI, AR and VR, interlaced with quantum, cognitive and edge computing.

So it is important we recognize a great transformation is underway. One “that will unlock possibilities and opportunities that are impossible to see clearly right now.” 

But we must explore them, predict the challenges and opportunities they present, to make them a reality in the future.

Which leads us to…

9. Digital Transformation 2.0

I love this piece. It has a really strong set of checkpoints on our journey to what I call digital transformation 2.0.

Good Read: 7 habits of highly effective digital transformations

“A technology-first approach to digital transformation is a recipe for disaster. Start instead by overhauling your organization with a customer-centric end goal in mind.”


And these 7 habits are just what we need to ensure technology enables digital transformation, not overwhelms or dilutes it.

  1. Digital transformation is really about human transformation
  2. Take a customer-centric approach
  3. Create new teams
  4. Foster collaboration as technology is deployed
  5. Be unapologetic about change
  6. Adopt a startup mentality
  7. Drive management buy-in

10. Interviewing Sophia

And finally, following on from a news item last week. Here is Sophia, the first of a kind artificial intelligence robot.

Good Read: I interviewed Sophia, the artificially intelligent robot that said it wanted to ‘destroy humans’


It’s an interesting development and yes some answers are pretty good, yet many were weak, totally unnatural and devoid of any contextual reasoning.

“Nonetheless… responses were flexible enough to indicate that conversational artificial intelligence is well within our grasp.”

Yes, but pardon me for not being particularly blown away by all this. Then again, maybe I’m expecting C3PO when he’s lightyears away.

Until next week.

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