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Catch up with the latest news and views from this week in tech. What inspired and encouraged, shocked and appalled? Here’s our top 10.

1. Education

Our education system has not evolved in over 50 years. It’s still a desk-based, classroom-style environment, where technology is integrated within old ways of working that are not built to engage, inspire or innovate, but to maintain control and order.

And yet I marvel at the dedication and professionalism of those in teaching professions. Their passion to teach future generations should be empowered by technology, not stifled by regulation and auditing compliance. Consider how far the car, the phone, the computer, have come in the past 10 years, let alone 50!

Good read: How Technology Is Transforming the Way We Teach and Learn

Technology should be the platform to transform the way we teach and learn. Hopefully, these trends will lead to positive change and help shape the very word “education” 30 years from now.

2. Energy

New research has found that there is so much wind energy potential over our oceans that it could be used to generate “civilization scale power.” This is enough power to make a significant difference to power grids of entire regions, if not nations.

Good read: There’s enough wind energy over the oceans to power human civilization, scientists say

The challenge is in developing the technology to harness this power across vast and often hostile environments. But the key point is that wind energy over open oceans is an untapped natural resource… “reinforcing the idea that floating wind farms, over very deep waters, could be the next major step for wind energy technology.

3. Propaganda

Wow, the true power of social media. Scary stuff!

Good read: How Russia Harvested American Rage to Reshape U.S. Politics

This New York Times examination looks at Russian-linked Facebook pages and YouTube videos that were used in the 2016 election. It has been found that much of the content was taken directly from videos and posts from Americans.

The plot thickens!

4. Innovation Velocity

From cheap smartphones to artificial intelligence, Google is on the frontline of technological development. But is it growing too big and moving too fast?

Good read: Google CEO Sundar Pichai: ‘I don’t know whether humans want change that fast’

A rare interview with Google’s CEO reveals insightful views on the pace of technological change and, most interestingly, how we oftentimes need to slow down.

5. Craving Human Attention

Are we about to go full circle?

Google, Twitter and Facebook workers who helped make technology so addictive are disconnecting themselves from the Internet. Today a growing – and influential – group of Silicon Valley refuseniks are raising the alarm about our use of technology in an increasingly competitive race for human attention.

Good read: ‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

We have indeed “created a world of perpetual distraction that could ultimately end in disaster,” so what can we do about it?

When push comes to shove, will we do anything at all? Because money talks and human attention sells better than anything.

6. Quantum Leap

“The next generation of supercomputers appears to be at an inflection point—promising speed and processing power that could redefine business and trigger a new industrial revolution.”

Good read: A Quantum Leap Toward A Computing Revolution

Could quantum computing really be the technology that triggers a new industrial revolution? With immense speed, instantaneous network connectivity, power and performance on a scale never seen before, it has all the makings.

Which leads us nicely into…

7. The Future Of Computing

With the shift from personal to collaborative computing, and the increasing relevance of AI, AR, and VR in the real-world, Microsoft is betting on mixed reality (MR) becoming the future of computing. But how far can it go?

Good read: Is Mixed Reality The Future Of Computing?

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman and other industry leaders give us some exciting insights into what “blending real and virtual means for human interaction with tech.”

8. Cloud

A cautionary tale for all those in cloud services… “as they bicker and strut, cloud vendors seem to forget that their customers actually need to get real work done, now.”

Good read: The cloud computing wars have forgotten the enterprise

A brilliant post that strips the cloud back to its true calling, delivery of technology – software, hardware, infrastructure, apps – remotely.

With that in mind enterprise needs “real tools and real technology, they want stuff to work right away, and they want examples to follow that prove things can work right away”

The focus should indeed be on them. Leave the conceptual stuff to R&D.

9.  AI

We’ve covered quantum computing and the future of computing without much of a mention of AI, which in truth is going to be the great enabler of much in the field of tech as move into the next decade.

Live from the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 in Orlando.

Good read: AI Trends for Enterprise Computing

We discussed the need for a) exploration of IoT at the edge of conventional wisdom, b) the use of AI to ease application integration, and c) better support for customer-facing apps.

If we are looking to “impact business outcomes with a focus on application integration and IoT,” then AI will make this a reality.

10. Carbon-sucking Technology

And finally, scary but exciting in equal measure.

Good read: Carbon-sucking technology needed by 2030s, scientists warn

There is no scare-mongering here, as efforts to cut planet-warming emissions are falling short by some considerable margin. To scientists, this means large-scale projects to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere will be needed by the 2030s just to “hold the line against climate change.”

That’s little more than 10 years away and I don’t believe this is simple propaganda! Food for thought and work to be done for sure.

Until next week.

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