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News and views from this week in marketing. What inspired and encouraged, shocked and appalled? Here’s our top 10.

1. Customer Experience

Kicking off this week with a discussion on the evolution of customer experience and the swing towards a more customer-centric way of doing business.

Good Read: Brian Solis Discusses the Evolution of Customer Experience at NextCon17

Is the foundation of business dated? Unequivocally yes in a world of digital transformation. But “before we can learn what to do, we need to unlearn [what we know] in order to do things differently.”

2. Sell “Projects”

The evolution of selling.

First companies sold products. Then they sold services. In recent times it’s become fashionable to sell experiences and solutions, thus solving the wants, needs and aspirations of customers.

But today what companies should be selling is projects.

Good Read: Selling Products Is Good. Selling Projects Can Be Even Better

If you aren’t, “beware, your products might soon become part of a project sold by someone else.”

3. Pink Jerseys

An exceptional read.

Why Mallory Edens believes selling pink jerseys to young girls perpetuates a culture of inequality in sports. And this most definitely hinges on marketing decisions that are dangerously shifting cultural perceptions.

Good Read: The Problem With Pink Sport Jerseys

The same discussions are ongoing in many fields, and marketing plays a pivotal role in challengeing conventional wisdom, if not institutional bias. “In the language of pink jerseys and nuanced exclusion” are we sending the wrong messages?

4. Content Marketing

The Internet is an ever rising sea of content, much of which is selling spin, regurgitated fluff or fake news. But there is enlightenment and insightfulness a-plenty too. It’s just finding (and trusting) quality sources.

Good Read: How to Legally Leverage User-Generated Content in Your Marketing

Discover what steps to take to legally use user-generated content (UGC) in your social media marketing.

5. SEO

On SEO, there are weekly articles of this kind, sending mixed messages with no solid evidence or justification for the advice they give. However, here we have a strong set of suggestions.

Good Read: SEO Ranking Factors in 2017: What’s Important and What’s Not

What are the most crucial search engine ranking factors today? Panelists at SMX East discussed their findings and provided practical advice for putting this data into action.

IMHO, as algorithms change around user behaviour and search intent, user experience is the key to good SEO.

6. Startups Beware!

This is a very rich resource.

Rand Fishkin shares 8 reasons (in a 96 slide presentation) why startups miss out on marketing success, with excellent tips on how to solves these dilemmas.

Good Read: Why Startups Suck at Marketing

“One of the biggest reasons startups fail is the inability to scalably attract customers at low cost.”

It’s a common problem for many startups, entrepreneurial endeavours and even established SMBs.

7. Location Based Search

“According to Google, one in five searches is now location-related. To make search results more relevant, Google says the country of service will no longer be indicated by the country code top level domain name (ccTLD) such as “” for the UK or “” for Brazil, but instead will default to the country where the user is performing the search.”

Good Read: Google searches now correspond to user location instead of domain

Google says this latest update will improve the search experience by automatically providing users “… the most useful information based on your search query and other context, including location.”

This is a significant shift and one we believe can create huge gains in search traffic with the right approach to SEM.

8. Digital Strategy

I love this perspective… “When it comes to digital transformation, digital is not the answer. Transformation is.”

Good Read: Your Company Doesn’t Need a Digital Strategy

As suggested in the article, “technology doesn’t provide value to a business.. Instead, technology’s value comes from doing business differently because technology makes it possible.” This is so very true. Technology enables. It provides the platform.

But I do disagree with the title of this piece. You CERTAINLY need a “digital strategy” if you’re ever going to harness the power of technology to increasingly tech savvy audiences.

The digital marketing landscape moves every week due to the rapid transformation of roles, competitors and industry standards. Digital platforms are essential for marketing success, and not leveraging them through the right strategy quickly sees companies marginalized compared to those with a more agile strategic approach.

9. Pinterest

You don’t blog about food, decorating or crafting so why should bother with Pinterest? Because, whatever niche your business is in, you’re probably missing out on a major source of traffic if you ignore such a visual social media channel.

Good read: Why And How To Promote Content On Pinterest

In short, Pinterest isn’t just for crafters and foodies. Your tech content will get good exposure there, too. Plus, content lives a lot longer on Pinterest!

10. Psychology In Emoji Marketing?

And finally, you’ll love this!

Google CEO makes fixing hamburger emoji his top priority

No commetary needed from me, other than my answer would be Microsoft.

The tomato cannot be touching the bun (it’ll potentially make it soggy), and the cheese has to be on top of the patty (to ensure it retains heat and remains melted)

What a brilliant way to spread brand awareness.

Until next week.

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