5 Social Proof Marketing Ideas For Apps [Infographic]

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Do you want to let people know how useful your application is but you don’t want it coming from you? Because let’s be honest, self-promotion isn’t cool and seems less credible – and you may even come off as a self-interested brand.

It’s given that we all believe in our application. It is ours. We worked hard for it. However, if you want your product to sell, don’t do it, let others do it for you. It’s more effective this way.

This is where social proof comes in. But, what is social proof?

As stated in Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, “Usually when a lot of people are doing something, it is the right thing to do.”

If your target audience sees that other people, especially their friends or other influencers, are using your application, they are more likely to try it out.

Take, for example, what happened with Musical.ly and Dubsmash. Everyone went crazy about them after seeing celebrities and Instagram influencers using them. If you can get an influencer to use and share your app, why not, right? But for those of us who aren’t connected to any famous people and are on a tight marketing budget, don’t worry. There’s still hope for us.

Aside from asking your current users to leave a good review on your Facebook page or App store page and asking bloggers to give an app review on their websites, there are other practical ways you can try and see if they are effective for you.

Here are five simple and doable ideas you can use to produce social proof that can make your application more credible and make everyone want to use your app – visualize in this infographic created by Visme.

Infographic with examples of how to use bold images to produce social proof